How to Uninstall SecureLine VPN in 4 Easy Steps

Do you want to uninstall SecureLine VPN but don’t know how? Follow these 4 easy steps to remove SecureLine VPN from your device.

How to Uninstall SecureLine VPN in 4 Easy StepsCheckout this video:


SecureLine VPN is a virtual private network application developed by Avast. It encrypts Internet traffic and redirects it through a secure tunnel to a server operated by the Avast company. This makes it impossible for anyone to see what you’re doing online, even if they are on the same network as you.

Most VPN applications are difficult to uninstall, but SecureLine VPN is different. In just four easy steps, you can remove this program from your computer and get rid of any trace of it.

Here’s how:

What is SecureLine VPN?

SecureLine VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts your Internet connection and hides your location to give you an anonymous, private browsing experience. It is a software application that runs on your device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and routes your traffic through SecureLine’s servers.

SecureLine VPN is an optional paid service offered by Avast. It is not required to use Avast Antivirus, but some users may find it beneficial to purchase a VPN service in addition to their antivirus software.

How to Uninstall SecureLine VPN

If you’re trying to uninstall SecureLine VPN from your computer, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you how to uninstall SecureLine VPN in four easy steps. After following these steps, you’ll be able to remove SecureLine VPN from your system for good. Let’s get started.

Method 1: Uninstall from the Windows Control Panel

If you’re using Windows 10, 8, or 7, you can uninstall SecureLine VPN from the Windows Control Panel. To do this:

1. Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.
2. Type “control panel” and press Enter.
3. Click on Uninstall a program or Programs and Features.
4. Select SecureLine VPN and click Uninstall/Change.
5. Click Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to uninstall SecureLine VPN
6. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstall process

Method 2: Uninstall using the Avast Uninstall Utility

If you installed SecureLine VPN using the Avast installer, you can uninstall it using the Avast Uninstall Utility. This is the recommended method as it ensures that all files and registry keys associated with SecureLine VPN are removed.

1. Open the Avast Uninstall Utility.
2. Select SecureLine VPN from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall.
3. Click Yes to confirm the uninstallation and then restart your computer when prompted.


Uninstalling SecureLine VPN is easy, and can be done in just a few steps. Whether you’re removing the program because you don’t use it anymore, or you’re trying to free up space on your computer, uninstalling SecureLine VPN is a quick and simple process.

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